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Published feedback

Please click the image above and complete this survey. Please see below or in downloads for previous feedback published and check out other published information about the Local Offer.

We are continually adding records, links and features such as embedded videos to the local offer.  Our intention is to make this facility as useful as possible for Torbay families, enabling them to find the SEND information they require.  Please do continue to provide feedback to enable us to grow the local offer and make sure it reflects the needs of local people.
Please let us know:-  

  • If a service or organisation is missing or is difficult to find ?
  • If any information is inaccurate or our out of date ?
  • If you have suggestions for how the local offer could be improved ?
  • If there is anything you particularly like or dislike about the local offer  

We would also like to hear from you if you feel that there is a lack of a specific type of service, organisation or support in Torbay.
We can’t promise that every suggestion will be put in place, but each will be considered and published here (all suggestions will remain anonymous).

Joint area SEND inspection in Torbay by Ofsted/CQC

Between 15 November 2021 and 19 November 2021, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) conducted a joint inspection of the local area of Torbay to judge the effectiveness of the area in implementing the special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) reforms as set out in the Children and Families Act 2014.

The findings which were published on Thursday 13 January 2022 has regrettably identified significant weaknesses in services for children with SEND and says council and NHS partners must do better.

The partnership fully accepts the findings of the report and the local authority and the NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will prepare a Written Statement of Action to explain how we will address the identified areas of concern to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The report does recognise areas of progress including greater stability in children’s services and specialist school settings that provide strong services.

We would like to reassure children, young people, families and carers that we remain focused and dedicated to ensuring that when necessary you are offered quality and appropriate SEND services.

Please see the Ofsted/CQC Report for the Joint area SEND inspection in Torbay

The Torbay Written Statement of Action was developed with input from over 450 different stakeholders from across the local area, including SEND Family Voice Torbay and children and young people.

We would like to reassure children, young people, families and carers that we remain focused and dedicated to ensuring that when necessary you are offered quality and appropriate SEND services, and that you remain involved as we implement the action plan.

Please see Torbay Written Statement of Action

SEND Reforms Newsletters

Read the most recent SEND Reforms Newsletter or visit the  SEND Reforms Update Local Authority Webpage to view all previous newsletters and other related information.

EHC plan Statistics and Feedback

Requests for Statutory Assessment (RSA)

The number of RSAs received continues to climb.  The table below shows an annual comparison since 2014.


Sept 14 –

Aug 15

Sept 15 –

Aug 16

Sept 16 –

Aug 17

Sept 17 –

Aug 18

Sept 18 –

Feb 19*

Requests for Statutory Assessment






Refused Assess.






Stopped Assess.






No EHCP following assessment







136 (84%)

130 (74%)

170 (78%)

192 (81%)


In Progress






Final EHCPs issued on time






*an increase of 11% on the equivalent period in 17/18

Please either click on the title below of find the following reports in the downloads section onthe right-hand side of this webpage:

Local EHC plan Questionaire Feedback

National EHC Plan Survey results

The results from this DfE comissionednational survey ranked Torbay as the 6th best Local Authority in relation to parents and young people’s satisfaction with the EHC process, and the 15th best Local Authority in relation to parents and young people’s confidence that having an EHC plan will help them meet expected outcomes.

Click Here to read the full survey report

SENCO Survey

Primary, secondary and special schools SENCos were sent a link to a survey in June 18 with the aim of driving service developments. 

Headline views

  • The SEN Team provides an effective and prompt service which is valued by SENCos
  • EHC plans contain too many outcomes, can be too ‘wordy’ and the outcomes are often not SMART
  • There is too much duplication of information required for the paperwork
  • EHC plans and Annual Reviews are stronger when parents and students have been involved in the process
  • There is not sufficient contribution from Health and SocialCare to the RSA or Annual Review process

The survey was responded to by 23 SENCos, the results are contained within the document. To read the full feedback, please either click on the image below or on the document title in the downloadable documents section on the right hand side of this webpage.

Shaping future services (Integrated Health Service)

Please click on the image below to see results from the 2017 Clinical Comissionoiing Group (CCG) consultation in relation to changes to services and reprocurement in line with the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which covers services accross Torbay, Devon & Plymouth.

Children and Family Health Devon has been created in responce to this feedback

Children & Family Health Devon from Torbay and South Devon NHS on Vimeo.