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Positive Steps Baby and Toddler Reflexology

Baby reflexology gives baby relief from colic, wind, constipation, sleeping issues and teething problems; it is given after 4 weeks of age on the feet for 5 mins and a total of 15 mins per day. Training for this is given in the mothers home in 3 x hourly sessions.

1st session is Feeding and Digestion, 2nd session is Sleeping and Comforting, 3rd session is teething and pain relief.

Toddler Reflexology is given to children once they have started to walk and is done on their hand whilst singing nursery rhymes which keeps their interest.

Training is given in the mothers home for 2 x or possibly 3 x hourly lessons (if required), and is suitable for up to 3 mums/dads being trained together. I am able to teach in the comfort of your own home or Play CafĂ©, Torre, Torquay.

Comprehensive literature is left with the parents and the previous weeks points are reviewed.

Ladies that have used toddler reflexology with the Baby Reflex and have found that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt a great bond with their baby - amazed that such a feather light touch could achieve such great results extremely happy to recommend.

Reflexology generally can help the body to relax and de-stress. It works on the principle that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to each and every organ function and part of the body. It can potentially benefit relaxation, sleep problems, digestive disorders, eases tension, aches, pains, stress,and it rid the body of toxins with repeated treatment.

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Who to contact

01803 391628
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When is it on
Monday from 14.00 to 19.00, Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00, Saturday by request

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Age Ranges
From 1 month
Age Ranges
From 1 month