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National Citizen Service (NCS)

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an oppportunity for 15-17 year-olds to have an adventure, learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference tot their communities.

NCS Trust C.I.C. is a not-for profit social enterprise established to shape, support, champion and lead a thriving National Citizen Service.

NCS is a 3-4 week experience that helps build your confidence and self belief so that you can take on anything in life. Live away from home, develop skills and meet amazing people. Food, accommodation and activities, all in for up to £50.

Wherever you live in England and Northern Ireland, there will be a local NCS team who can deliver your teenager's programme.

In week one, your teenager will live away from home for a five-day residential; we partner with some of the country's most popular outdoor activity and residential centres. In week two, your teenager will embrace independent living, typically in university campus dorms or uni-style halls. For the social action phase - weeks three and four - your teenager will return to their local area and give something back to their community!

Please note – our shorter spring and autumn programmes include 3 residential nights, with participants staying at home for the remainder of NCS.


Who to contact

0800 197 8010

Other Details


NCS is amazing value for money – the whole experience will cost you just £50. Why? Because the programme is backed by the government, which invests more than £1,000 per place. No one should ever be prevented from taking part in NCS for financial reasons, which is why financial assistance is available.