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CANparent - (Classes and Advice Network)

CANparent is a network of organisations who provide universal parenting classes and advice that is proven to be effective.  A universal parenting class is for all mums, dads and carers of children from birth to 18 years.  Organisations that belong to the CANparent network have proven that each of their programmes makes a real and positive difference to parents and families.

Who can go on a CANparent parenting class?

CANparent is open to all mums, dads and carers in England of children from birth to 18 years who would like to experience the benefits of parenting classes that have been recognised for their high quality.

Choose from a range of different options to suit you and your lifestyle - from online support to local groups. You can find the time and place to learn about what really matters to you and share advice on what really works.

What will the parenting classes cover?

CANparent parenting classes cover all of the topics any mum, dad or carer of a child will face.  Be it daily routines, managing relationships, team parenting, behaviour or practical solutions to everyday challenges. While every family is different and every child is different, many parents find that they go through the same challenges, issues and joys as other mums and dads.

On a CANparent parenting class you can get support with everyday challenges such as:-

  • learning through play
  • parents working together as a team
  • communicating and staying calm
  • managing sleep issues
  • coping with difficult behaviour
  • rules and routines
  • stress
  • understanding different stages of your child's development

What next?

Visit the website to see what's available in your area and to book a place. 

Who to contact

0808 800 1102