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AmazingTalker Online Tutors

AmazingTalker is committed to building a robust online learning platform that can empower learners in their pursuit of any language or subject. Established in December 2016, AmazingTalker now has 600,000 registered users and over 8,000 qualified teachers. We were selected by Parenting magazine for the Education Innovation 20+ list, making our successful rise into the top 20 education startups.

We specialize in learning with one-on-one attention and guidance. We believe that one-on-one learning with native speakers gives students a more personalized learning experience and helps them get the most out of their lessons.

Each tutor creates materials that caters to your needs. Choose classes that fit your individual schedule, budget, and interests. Take a course for beginning, intermediate or advanced learners, or one focused on a specific goal like pronunciation or test prep. Or speak to one of our tutors to customize a course for your interests.

We provide an immersive language learning environment. Learn both the grammar basics and subtleties of a language, so you can communicate more confidently and more like a native speaker.

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