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Rainbow Day Nursery

This nursery only caters for NHS staff employed by Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tina Mwaro/Jennie Judge
Contact Position
Nursery Managers
01803 654150

We are a workplace nursery and only able to offer a palce to families who work for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust or the CCG

Where to go

Rainbow Day Nursery
Torbay Hospital, Annexe site
Newton Road

Near bus routes 12 and 12a

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
52.70 per day
An early start session can be pre-booked, subject to availability, for £5.30 A nursery hot lunch (optional) is available for £2.30

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies
Please contact the nursery for information regarding availability, we operate a waiting list.

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding
3 & 4 year old 30 Hour funding

Opening Times & Facilities

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 07:00:00 18:00:00
Tuesday 07:00:00 18:00:00
Wednesday 07:00:00 18:00:00
Thursday 07:00:00 18:00:00
Friday 07:00:00 18:00:00
Meals cooked on premises
Role play dressing up
Sandpitsand play
Climbing Frame
Wendy House
Books & Storytelling
Internet Connection
Both indoor and outdoor activities
Kitchen Facilities
Nature Exploration
Open Space
Disabled Access
Sleeping Area
Construction toys
Secure Access
Music time
Sensory Play
Nappy changing facility
Full cooked lunch
Small world toys
Out-door Play
Outdoor Playspace
Songs, Rhymes and Music
Healthy Eating
Arts & Crafts
Heuristic play
Baby Facilities
Home Corner
Baby toys
Walks to local park etc
Water play
Accessible Parking
Adventure playground
Treasure baskets
Air Conditioning

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
14/10/2010Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding
22/08/2013Inspection (Early Years Register)Outstanding
23/03/2022Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)
SEN Provision Type

SEN Information

A printable version of this form is available in the downloads section.

What special education provision is available at our setting?

We have a team of staff who are well qualified and have a wide range of training and experience. We support children with a varied range of needs including, but not limited to:

  • Communication and Language support
  • Specific medical conditions including diabetes, asthma and eczema
  • Downs Syndrome
  • Hearing impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Allergies requiring medical intervention such an an epipen
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum disorder

The nursery has experienced Makaton signers, Behaviour leads, First Aiders, Sencos, Safeguarding Leads and Speech, Language and Communication leads. 

Each child in our care has a key carer who liaises with parents/carers with regard to the needs of their child. The nursery Senco and the child’s key carer work closely with parents and other professionals to ensure that children are able to participate as fully as possible in the nursery day. Where applicable, we attend multi-agency meetings in order to best support individual children.

What criteria must be satisfied before children and young people can access this provision/service?

Rainbow Day Nursery is a workplace nursery for staff of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.  

Rainbow Day Nursery is registered with Ofsted and currently holds a Good grade from the latest Ofsted inspection. We provide inclusive care for children aged 3 months to 5 years and work on a waiting list system.

We welcome all children regardless of disability or special educational needs.

How do we identify the particular special educational needs of a child or young person?

Where a child’s needs are identified prior to them starting nursery, we will liaise with parents/carers, other professionals involved in care of the child to establish a good relationship in advance and to understand how we can best support the child.

All children are regularly observed throughout their time with us in order for us to track their progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage. All observations are documented in the child’s Interactive Learning Diary (ILD), parents have access to this at any time. We can use small step assessments if needed

If from these observations, key carers have any concerns with regard to the child’s development, this will be brought to the attention of our Sencos who will then make further observations and liaise with parents in line with our Special Educational Needs Policy.

The nursery Sencos and the child’s parents/carers will decide the appropriate course of action for each individual child. We will also contact and liaise with other professionals if deemed appropriate.

How do we consult with parents and/or children and young people about their needs?

When a child is due to start at our setting hold settling in visits with the child and parent(s)/carer(s). The settling in visits provides an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss any special/individual needs that their child may have.  At this point we will assess if any additional support will be needed and, if the family is already being supported by other professionals, arrange a meeting to obtain information to help us with the settling in process and ensure continuity of care.

Each child will have a key carer at nursery. The key carer will be the main point of contact for the parents/carers, and will regularly monitor the child’s progress. The key carer will ensure effective communication between parents/carers and the nursery in order to ensure that all the needs of an individual child are met.

A child’s key carer will report to the parents/carers at the end of their nursery day verbally and /or in writing. We also hold parents evenings each term and a transition day in the summer.

What is our approach to teaching children and young people with special educational needs?

As set out in our Special Educational Needs Policy, we provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs. We believe that all children have a right to experience and develop alongside their peers no matter what their individual needs.

We work closely with parents/carers to create and maintain a positive partnership to best support the individual child; this includes regular conversations to share observations and assessments carried out. We seek support from outside agencies in order to give each child the support that they require and where necessary we will provide additional 1-1 support.

We carry out regular observations and assessments of the children in order to review each child’s development and learning, and how it progresses from term to term. Our assessments will help us to identify if there are any areas for concern with a child’s progress so that we can implement an appropriate plan to support each child.

How can we adapt our curriculum for children and young people with special educational needs?

All our activities can be adapted to suit the needs of children that have additional needs; our aim is to ensure that we have inclusive practice, where children can play and learn alongside their peers. We have a variety of resources that can be accessed in order to support each child as well as specialist equipment for individual requirements such as seating and furniture.

We work together with other professionals to ensure each child’s needs are met, and if necessary we can implement additional 1-1 support or attend specific specialist training.

our Senco will provide advice and recommend the appropriate support by liaising with your child's key worker and ensuring it is implemented accordingly 

How will we ensure we get the services, provision and equipment that children and young people need?

We work closely with Early Years Childcare Advisory Service for support and guidance. We also work in close partnership with other professionals including Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, Portage.

We have our own setting SENco who will work alongside key carers to ensure that all needs are being met, we ensure our Senco has good understanding and wide range of knowledge relating to children with SEND

Our current Deputy Manager has level 3 early year' Senco training and supports the Senco in their role too

We ensure all staff have regular training opportunities which cover a wide range of topics to support all children at our setting

How is this provision funded?

Rainbow Day Nursery is a workplace nursery, with parents paying for the nursery sessions that are allocated.

We access educational funding for all 3 and 4 year old children (up to 15 free hours per week during term time plus an additional 15 hours for some families), and we can also signpost families to apply for funding for 2 year olds (there is eligibility criteria for this).

Additional funding can be applied for from the local authority in order to best support a child with SEN. Any application for additional funding is considered on an individual basis.

What additional learning support is available for children and young people with special educational needs and how do they access it?

We encourage our families to access other support groups and services available to them. We can provide details of services that may be helpful, by providing information and contact details and promoting other available services both within the NHS Trust and externally in Torbay.

Our building is on one level, therefore is accessible by wheel chair.

How do we support and improve the emotional and social development of children and young people with special educational needs?

We have a designated Behaviour lead at Rainbow Day Nursery who works closely with key carers to develop specific behaviour plans for children. A large majority of staff have had training regarding children's behaviour and we follow this approach in our practice on a daily basis.

We encourage parents to be fully involved in the behaviour plans so that the whole family are aware of it and how it can support children.

We believe in parents as partners therefore we work with you to support your child's next steps in their lives, whatever that may be.

We ensure that all children have a transition period and that information is passed on with parents permission to the next setting or school.

How do we support children and young people with special educational needs moving between phases of education and preparing for adulthood?

All our staff work together to ensure smooth transitions in the nursery from room to room which include settling in visits to another room to give children the chance to meet other children and staff as a gradual process before any move. We also hold a Transition Day during the year in the summer where families can come into the nursery to visit a new room and speak openly with staff.

When a child comes to us from another setting, we ensure we are provided with all available information in advance and request a meeting/transition document from the previous setting.

When a child is leaving the setting to start school, their key carer puts together a comprehensive transition document for the school and the opportunity of a meeting with the child’s teacher if this is required. If necessary, parents/carers and other supporting agencies will also be invited to be involved in this meeting.

What other support is available for children and young people with special educational needs and how can they access it?

Through regular observations and reviews along with regular communication with parents/carers, we will ensure that if other support is required, that we do our best to give parents all necessary information in order to access this.  We may arrange a meeting with you as parents and involve our senco or behaviour leads, to best support you and advise on the appropriate next steps.

What extra-curricular activities are available for children and young people with special educational needs?

We speak to parent son a daily basis on drop off and collection of the children, we give feedback about their day. We upload observations and photos to our online porta (Interactive Learning Diary) we encourage parents to look at this regularly, and also ask parents to add their own photos and comments, showing us what interest their child has outside of nursery and their milestones.

We encourage parents to keep us updated about their child, including changes to routines etc

How do we assess and review progress towards agreed outcomes, and how are parents, children and young people involved in this process?

Learning Diaries are accessible for parents to take home and share. We also encourage parents/carers to meet with key carers and other professionals to discuss progress, outcomes and agree next steps.

As well as the planned parent’s evenings during the year, we arrange specific focused meetings with parents to give an opportunity to discuss individual learning plans.

How do we assess the effectiveness of our special needs provision and how are parents, children and young people involved in this assessment?

We review our Special Educational Needs Policy on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date and relevant. Staff and managers meet regularly through Supervisions and Appraisals. Staff reflect on practice and feedback to senior practitioners through room meetings and whole staff meetings. Parents/carers are welcomed to attend regular meetings to monitor progress and discuss anything they have concerns or ideas about.

How do we ensure that teaching staff and other staff have the expertise needed to support children and young people with special educational needs?

As an NHS nursery, we have access to a multitude of specialised training at Torbay Hospital’s Education Centre. We also work very closely with Torbay Early Years and staff regularly attend training courses and forums. Where necessary, we source and buy in training or computer software as required e.g. Makaton.

We can access specific training for specific needs i.e. using an Epipen or administering insulin.

How do we keep parents informed where children and young people have special educational provision but do not have an Education Health and Care Plan?

All key carers are available to talk to parents/carers of their children at the start and end of each session and at these times, verbal information can be exchanged. Children’s Learning Diaries are available for parents/carers to look through, take home and share and contribute to if they would like. Learning Diaries are reviewed regularly and where necessary, separate meetings are set up between key carers and parents/carers.

How can parents, children and young people make a complaint about our provision?

Due to close relationships developed between parents/carers, key carers and managers/other staff, we would hope that in line with our ‘open door policy’ that any issue would be resolved by talking to staff and meeting with managers to discuss any concerns. We regularly review and act upon where necessary any suggestions in our Suggestion Box in our reception area.

Our Complaints Policy can be accessed in our Policies booklet, copies of which are readily available at all time for parents/carers.

How can parents, children and young people get more information about the setting?

You can contact us directly on 01803 654 150 or email our Nursery Secretary at . Alternative we welcome families to visit the nursery and meet us personally. Informal visits can be set up in advance. Please also feel free to visit and read our most recent Outstanding Ofsted report using our Ofsted Registration No. 139435.