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Catholic Children's Society (Plymouth)

The Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) is a small Diocesan charity working throughout Devon, Cornwall and parts of Dorset.  We help families of all faiths and none in times of financial need and provide support to parents and carers in bringing up their children.

We do this through our –

  • Essential Grants programme
  • Pro-active Parenting courses
  • Good Shepherd programme

Providing a safety net for families irrespective of their religious beliefs or faith

One in five children living in the south west are living in poverty and in some areas of the region, poverty is even more severe.  Many parents and carers, despite working, find their income does not meet their basic needs such as a working cooker, warm clothes in the winter or a proper bed to sleep in.  And then when their circumstances change suddenly, life can become even harder as they have no cushion of savings to fall back on.

When families are struggling to put food on the table, warmth in their homes and clothes on their children, they are not prepared for when something goes wrong.  A broken washing machine is an unwanted expense for anyone, but for those struggling with circumstances such as sudden illness, bereavement, redundancy or eviction, it may mean the need for an expensive loan and the risk of spiralling debt.  The CCSP Essential Grants programme aims to prevent an immediate crisis from threatening the stability of family life by providing essential items that parents and carers could otherwise not afford for their children.   

A typical grant ... 

  • £50 for school shoes for two children
  • £100 for a single bed and mattress
  • £160 for a new washing machine or an electric cooker
  • £250 for a gas cooker and its fitting

Please visit our website or contact us for more information on our grant funding

The Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) is a voluntary organisation supporting families of all faiths and beliefs within the Diocese of Plymouth.  The majority of its fundraising comes from the Catholic community within the Diocese of Plymouth 

Who to contact

01364 645420

Where to go

Diocese Of Plymouth
St. Boniface House
TQ13 7JL