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Autus – The Hao2 Foundation

Autus – The Hao2 Foundation exists to facilitate personal and professional growth for people with autism and complex needs, increasing opportunities for exciting and sustainable work to improve lives and prospects. We are a disabled people’s user-led organisation set up to enable disabled people to purchase employability training and job coaching courses through a supportive route and benefit from a 20% VAT exemption, thereby making personal budgets go further.   

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tim Carrington
Contact Position
Charity Secretary

Where to go


Our courses are predominantly accessed from a home connection and participants need to have access to a multimedia PC and basic IT skills including elementary knowledge of how to use email, the internet and instant messaging chat. If these are barriers to access, we can work with individuals to identify local community centres that can help them overcome these barriers to participation by creating local digital access points.

Other Details


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Referral preferred (e.g. via JCP, Adult Social Care team, Children’s Services team or other service provider ideally as part of education, health and care planning with individual and their parent/carer) so we can have a joined up approach. However, referral not absolutely necessary. Building accessibility is not an issue because our courses are delivered online and can therefore be accessed at a physical location to suit participants.  

Other notes

We can tailor courses to suit participants in a variety of ways. Course content can be specialised to suit individual skills or interests e.g. coding, graphic design, writing etc. Session times are flexible to fit round participants lives and suit individual variations in learning speed. Because courses take place online, the physical location where the individual participates can be adapted to suit his/her needs. The course can also be tailored to take individual social confidence levels into account, with the ability to communicate via text rather than voice (but the option of building up to voice later on) and the option of working on a one-to-one basis at first and then building up to group sessions. We focus on quality of provision, not quantity of learners or qualifications.