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LiNX Christian Youth Trust

LiNX Christian Youth Trust is a dynamic and innovative Christian faith based youth work organisation that has been working with the young people of Torbay for over 15 years. We enable Torbay young people to reach their full potential through our work in secondary schools and within the local community.

We work with young people in schools running lunchtime clubs, leading assemblies, teaching lessons in religious education and health education, supporting Christian unions and creating new opportunities for young people to develop and thrive.

We work with young people outside of school running after school clubs, organising youth events and supporting church youth work. 

We work in partnership with churches, schools, the local authority, volunteers and other organisations and the work is financed by donations from churches, trusts and individuals.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tim Funnell
01803 557044

Other Details


Age Ranges
From 11 years to 18 years
Age Ranges
From 11 years to 18 years

Inclusion Information

Special Needs

Experience with diabetes, ADHD, Aspergers, slight paralysis and Hearing Impairment.