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Age 16-18

Transition from Children’s to Adult Services

A referral can be made to the appropriate health and social care team for all young people moving into Adult Services.

Staff from Children’s and Adult Services will work together, sharing information about young people aged between 14 and 18 who are supported by Children’s Services. For more information you may find the Transition Guidance and Resources Pack useful, which can be found in the downloads section of this webpges.  

From the age of 16, and subject to a Social Care needs assessments for Adults, Adult Services will work with the young person, their family and supporters to progress their transition.

Prior to the young person being allocated an Adult Care Worker, a transition coordinator will begin to work with the young person and their family to help them plan for the future.  They will look at things like the young person’s current needs, the cost and possible support they may need as an adult. Children’s and Adult Services work in different way and the level and type of support the young person receives may change. Adult Services need to understand what young people want in the way of work and social opportunities so that they can help prepare the young person for adulthood.

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Single Point of Contact

This is a central contact point across Torbay adult services. 01803 219700. Once a referral has been received a letter confirming its delivery will be sent to the young person and their representative with a copy to the referrer, by the transitions co-ordinator.

Triage of Referral

The referral will go through a ‘triage’ process to determine if the Young Persons Care & Support Needs meet the threshold of the National Eligibility Criteria as set out in in the Care & Support (Eligibility Criteria) regulations 2015.

The referral will be triaged by Adult Health & Social Care professionals. The purpose of ‘triage’ is to identify the most appropriate action plan depending on the young persons care & support needs.

Transition Coordinators will keep in touch with the young person, families, carers & the referrer to provide up-dates or gather more information as required.

Should the outcome of the ‘triage’ be that the young person does not meet the eligibility criteria for Adult Social Care Funding, the Transition Coordinators or Health & Social Care Coordinators will support with providing information, advice and guidance in line with the needs of the young person who has been referred.

How to Apply for an Education Health & Care Plan (Post 16)

A post 16 Education, Health and Care Plan can be applied for if a young person is between 16 and 25 years and is registered on the following:

  • A course at a further education provider
  • An apprenticeship
  • A traineeship
  • A supported internship

If the young person, or their Post 16 educational provider, thinks that they may need additional SEN support they may apply to the local authority. The SEN Officer will explain the process before a request for an Education, Health and Care assessment is considered. For further information please visit

The request may be made by the young person, family, educators, professionals and should demonstrate strong, evidence based analysis of a young person’s needs and how existing resources are being used to support them on their course or placement. For an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment to be considered, the person making the request will need to demonstrate the support that the school or post 16 education/training setting has provided the young person and the outcome of this support. It is expected that this will be achieved by following Torbay’s pre-plan process.

It should be noted that colleges can access additional funding for students identified with a high level of need without requiring an Education, Health and Care Plan. In a few cases students may wish to continue their education after the academic year in which they are 19. An Education, Health and Care Plan will be needed to access free Post 19 education.

Please click here for further information about Post 16 Educational Opportunities 

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