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Joint Protocol for Transition: Preparing Young People for Adulthood

The Vision:

Torbay and South Devon Foundation NHS Trusts vision for all local people is of

“... a community where we are all supported and empowered to be as well and as independent aspossible, able to manage our own health and wellbeing, in our own homes. When we need carewe have choice about how our needs are met; only having to tell our story once”

Torbay Council outlines their vision in the ‘Torbay Children and Young People’s Plan 2014 – 19’ as:

“To give all children and young people the best start in life so they are safe, happy and healthy toreach their full potential”

This protocol demonstrates how together the visions of our two organisations will reinforce ourcommitment to work in partnership with other agencies to support young people and their familiesin the transition from childhood to adulthood ensuring that the needs of the young person remaincentral to all that we do.